Tinubu’s Gameplan…and why you should care

So what exactly does Tinubu propose to do on a macro level as set out in his speech? It boils down to the key pain points around Central Bank policies, Oil & Gas and Business facilitation (including Electricty), all major failings of the outgoing Buhari administration.

5 Reasons You Should Detach From Your Parents

Being independent is an important aspect of life, and it starts with detaching from your parents. This may seem difficult, but it is a necessary step towards becoming your own person. Here are five reasons why detaching from your parents is healthy for you. Increased Self-Confidence Detaching from your parents can help you develop a…

Yemi Alade is the Legit Baddie

Her clear return to her Nigerian roots and audience is welcome and removes the pretentiousness of her last few ‘by force queen of Africa’​ attempts.


Summary For many people, a marriage is simply a formalisation of the already existing romantic commitment that a man and a woman show each other in a relationship. Essentially we want exclusivity to the person we are getting married to. They rarely consider any other benefits it gives. Marriage gives you the following broad rights:…

6 Tips to Survive A Recession

While you were busy wiping jollof rice oil from your mouth during the holidays, you may have missed the predictions of a global recession looming in 2023. We have been here before in 2008 when Obama was in office so panic not. It took the world 5 years to get back to the levels before…

You’ve Got This

Like me, you must be sick of hearing the usual beginning of year motivational speeches that only make you seem like you haven’t done your best so far. Everyone with a keyboard writes like their own life is perfect, admonishing you to do more and change this and stop that, as if any of that…

Of DBYZ’s Second Off-Target

🎧 “Nigerian lyrics are generally cringe but this one is like a hormonal 13 year old boy wrote some of the lines and he was trying too hard so they just didn’t add up”

Of Racism in Real Life

This blog post is to record the conversation I just had with my flatmate. She’s from Japan. We were talking about taking the bus to go to the mall and she says she doesn’t ever go far away from our house because she is scared to use the bus. She says if something is not…

If He Won’t Tell You…Leave It

So its been a while on here. If you listen to my podcast you probably already know why so no need to rehash. Just saw something that reminded me of an incident from years ago, thus inspiring a tweet. The owner of the story will not know it’s him because there’s elements I have changed…

Of Why M.I Is The Very Guy

There’s something about the mix of melody in the spoken word and this is a classic example that it is possible.