Of Sequels to Finality


My Easter message has no direct correlation to the story of Jesus death. Everybody else is writing about that already so by now you already know about Pontius Pilate, Judas Iscariot and Peter’s denial. You probably also already heard that each of them was “predestined” to play the role that they played so that destiny would be fulfilled. Which is why Jesus could predict upfront that Peter would deny him, and even with that fore-warning, despite Peter’s best efforts, it came to pass exactly as Jesus had said. Some have therefore argued that everything we do as humans is predestined and we should not be blamed for our actions. On the other hand people have pointed to Hezekiah’s prayer that changed the “predestined” course of events even though God had already spoken. Let’s not get into the concept of fate or destiny and the ability of prayer to change it. Believe what you will.

What I am more interested in is how the resurrection of Jesus plays into your life’s journey. Do you view it as an ancient story that is to be memorized and inspire awe from a mile away, or do you take the entire concept of resurrection itself as God’s signal to you that nothing is ever final until He says so, even death.

Usually death is the absolute finality of life. Without going into the afterlife conversation, it is where we end this journey as we know it. How can there possibly be a sequel to it? And since there was a documented sequel to it, what else in your life is really not final even though it looks like it is. That’s what I want the lesson of Easter to be for you. Your marriage is over, but your life continues. Your most beloved is dead from COVID but their essence can live on through you. You might have failed that exam or lost your job and feel despondent like everything you have has been taken away from you. Your heart tells you there’s practically no bouncing back from it and everyone agrees… but look at Jesus. Even death, which is more final than any situation you face, was not the end for Jesus.

Always remember that if where you are now is all you were made for, (through infancy and childhood and lots of sickness and life threatening situations), then The Good Lord and your parents would not have bothered with all the effort they put in keeping you alive and safe. There’s gotta be more to your life than this, and your current situation can not be how it ends for you. It just cannot, I refuse to believe it is.

Let today be a reminder that it will ALL resurrect. It doesn’t matter how many times it all ‘dies’. You, and everything you desire, will rise again even from the ashes of events that were supposed to destroy you. Just stay alive long enough to witness it.

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  1. In all you do… See hope, see life and see victory.
    Happy Easter Celebration.


  2. Alaya Olanrewaju says:

    A BIG AMIN to the prayers.
    I’ve never allowed past happenings affect what’s to come, even the ones Allah love the most went through all forms of tribulations. I’ll keep working smart to be what/where I’m supposed to be.
    Good article from you Always. You the best in this.


  3. Queeneth kelechi Anusionwu says:

    Thanks so much for this 🙏🏼 I will rise again ♥️We will rise again 💪💪💪💪💪💪
    Happy Easter celebration sir


  4. Nosa says:

    A spirit booster, thanks for this


  5. bridgetyeni says:

    Thanks for those encouraging words. More knowledge to write inspiring and life lesson piece. ✔️✔️✔️


  6. Maryann says:

    Nice thread, you have said it all. Especially that area of people seeing resurrection as an ancient story of Jesus. Forgetting the message it has to pass. Nothing is really over until is over.


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