Of My Shameless Waje Crush

Waje’s consistent high standards in music has made my continued review of her albums almost redundant. At some point any further praise of her talent becomes all out ass-kissing. And I can’t deny that at this point in her career she has nothing to prove. She is Africa’s premier vocalist and her delivery skills are second to none. No screaming and struggling to hit the high notes and no cheesy lyrics just to achieve a rhyme at the end of every line.

She makes me very proud and I can actually listen to her song in Lagos traffic as comfortably as I would in transit at Frankfurt Airport. That’s how international her sound is. No theatrics, no tribal pandering, nothing other than quality music. She is also not giving herself silly titles even though no other artiste is more deserving. You see why I don’t like reviewing her work? Shameless Ass-Kissing I swear.

Her new 5 track EP needs no epistle. Each song is an exercise on excellence as a vocalist. No song has overwhelmed her chords and her prowess expertly shines through to the point where you can’t imagine the song rendered in any other way. Again, she has cemented her place in Nigerian music among the great modern Artistes. A little more collaboration would be welcome but she carries her own weight any day. I rate this EP 5 out of 5 stars from lyrics, to rendition to production quality. Waje is Waje and nobody else comes close. Listen and let me know what you think.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. My best vocalist from way back…


  2. Ogunlade Taofeek says:

    Roqzee is Roqzee and nobody comes close. I’m ooking forward to see you write about football club/footballer one day but I don’t see have interest in round leather game.


  3. Nosagie says:

    Top star 🔥😍


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