Of Olamide’s Faux Deep


I just listened to Olamide’s UY Scuti Album. Yes that’s the title of the album. The term is originally the name of a red supergiant star in the constellation Scutum and is considered one of the biggest stars by radius. Thank you Wikipedia. Like his last effort where he seems to be confused as to his actual heritage between Spanish and Yoruba, he has again succeeded in excellent marketing of confusion. I have concluded that it is either genre confusion or an attempt to sound deep. Unsuccessfully.

It was indeed brilliant of his marketing team to get other established artistes to post the album cover on their Instagram handles at exactly the same time which made it impossible to miss. That’s actually how I got to find out. But really that’s where the brilliance ends.

Olamide seems to forget, going by the opening track, that he is no longer an upcoming artiste. It might be therapeutic for him to reminisce about his days of suffering (like he did in his last album as well), but we are now fully weary of the gripe. You suffered a lot before you made it, we get it, enough already. What makes it even more tone deaf is that his listeners are still suffering in the Nigerian economy today and look to his music as an outlet.

Beyond that, most of the songs are standard fare and grown up. Tracks like “Julie” and “Rough Up” with deep vocals and super machoism seem reflective of his age and status in life right now, if not a bit forced like an elderly man at the club in a corner forming Don Capone. What would have been commendable is any slight attempt to shake off the local champion stereotype that has plagued his entire career when his peers have gone nuclear on the global stage.

Overall not a bad album but you come off feeling like for an artiste of his calibre, Olamide Baddo did not stretch himself. If his next album is like this, he risks falling into the melancholic comfort zone that some artistes like Yemi Alade have put themselves. It’s a 2 out of 5 star from me ⭐⭐ Take a listen and please disagree with me in the comment section.


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  1. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    Olamide is still living in his past, I need to realise that he is a superstar and sing a superb music to people hearing. A good review their, well done Sir, I’m always respectful of your intelligence and intellectual reviews of issues.


  2. The last paragraph says it all…Not a bad album but expectations weren’t really met.


  3. Nosa says:

    I’ve not listened to the full album, I will try and do that this week


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