Of My Chest and A Few Things


Yeah so this is a rant post about nothing in particular. You know why I do not write as often as I would like? The things that would trigger a blog post are things that happen in real time and remind me of my point of view on those things. Blogging is my expressive outlet and as a creative person, every single thing that happens to me all day, comes with its own joke or emotion. So why do I hesitate to write it all down as it comes? Because people in my life always assume that its about them.

The truth is that I never go out of my way to solicit conversations or gist. People just come and dump their emotional issues with me whether or not I am ready to handle it. Cheating husbands think it’s okay to tell me all about how many rounds they had with their side chicks the night before and all the genius ways they used to get out of the house unsuspected. Women suffering from miscarriage or depression tell me every single graphic detail through tears. Abused people tell me exactly who did it and when plus how it still affects them to this day. All of these people then dump it, ask for my advice (I always just ask them questions till they answer it themselves) and then swear me to secrecy. What they forget is that they are not the first person in that situation to tell me about it and will not be the last.

But imagine if I write about it. Then all 20 men and 2 women will assume I am using their story as entertainment fodder, which is far from the truth. So I find that I just avoid many things altogether. Things I have a point of view on and that I might have added valuable perspective to. I wish this was not the case.

The option is to always first vet my stories with any single person who had told me anything even remotely similar and convince them that it is not about them. Doing this means disclosing who the story is actually about and I cannot betray such confidence so yet another blog post dies with me. I am thus stuck with music reviews, personal stories, fiction etc. None of which go to the heart of the matter in the scandalous world of today. All in all, I love the ability to write and I seem to get better with each post so I will keep writing while I find creative ways to address topical issues. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

P.S: I think the behaviour of guests at the entire Obi Cubana mother’s burial is obnoxious and cannot be justified by any right thinking human being on earth. “It is their money” is the stupidest thing you can use. Yeah I had to put that out there while I am at it.

P.S.S: Please buy my merchandize in the featured picture. It’s my other creative outlet and you’re keeping my morale alive.


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  1. Nosa says:

    Even if they’re certain things you can’t write about, these other piece you do write about are interesting and educative. The igbos on twitter are indeed obnoxious, one’s opinion always sounds like attack to them


  2. Temmysgold says:

    Always making your view known. I always like respecting other people’s views


  3. Glow says:

    Roqzee, honestly I can relate. Someone told me to swear that I won’t use her story as content for my threads. Lol the experiences I share on my twitter are mine, and the others I’ve shared (very rare occasions) are fictitious stories. The characters are not real. I told her if she can’t trust me, she should not bother. I have my own issues too and I have no use of your burden. As far as I know, it adds to my issues too and you start to have expectations. So yeah, I so much understand


  4. Well, maybe the most important thing is being able to help those people, even if you are unable to blog about their stories.


  5. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    You can start writing for the Nollywood.
    On Cubana issue it’s a show of shame though as a fame.
    You are an indefatigable writer🔥🔥🔥


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