Of Spiking Her Drink To Abort The Baby

I have a penchant of teasing people with impending pregnancy. Usually once a man indicates he is having relations my next response would be to wish him happy fatherhood in 9 months time. It’s usually harmless and expected to imply that they cannot complain about the consequence.

Increasingly in the last two years I have been getting a worrisome response. Back in the day, the unprepared gentleman would end the banter with “well if DNA test says it’s mine after birth we will raise the child”. [Cue uncomfortable laughter]. Shikena. Nowadays the younger generation glibly replies with: “I am not ready for that and if she insists on keeping the pregnancy then I will PUT SOMETHING IN HER DRINK THAT WILL ABORT THE BABY”. With a straight face and every seriousness. Almost like they’ve done it countless times before.

Let’s do this very quickly, because I know some of the guys reading this do not see anything wrong with it or have been doing this and getting away with it. The two issues are law based and morality based. Abortion in Nigeria is forbidden, even voluntary abortion that the woman herself wants to undergo willingly. Both the Criminal and Penal Codes contain provisions that criminalize the performance of an abortion, to wit: the person who performed the abortion procedure, to the woman who obtained the abortion procedure, all the way to the person who supplied anything intended for a woman’s miscarriage are all in trouble. Forget the fact that most of you know at least one house-girl or neighbour from your childhood who got an abortion or your brother that paid for his girlfriend’s abortion, the law is the law. The punishment for breaking this law is anything from 3 to 14 years imprisonment. In a Nigerian prison, worth noting. Check sections 228 to 230 of the Criminal Code on Google.

If the law forbids even normal voluntary abortion that the woman herself wants to do, how much more your act of deliberately poisoning her without her consent or knowledge? For the records, because these young girls are given doses beyond what was intended by the drug manufacturer some of them die of a drug overdose. Literally die at the hands of a young boy with scarce pubic hair and no concept of responsibility cos daddy still buys him data.

Which brings me to the moral basis: When did we as a society get to the point that we need written law to tell us that somebody’s body is strictly their property and that you cannot intrude and violate them like that? What part of our conscience has died to the point where everything is fair game as long as your own life is undisturbed? How on earth is it okay to inject someone or spike their drink and watch them suffer excruciating pain as their body reacts so violently to the point of expelling a growing foetus and you just sit there and watch them knowing that you are responsible for their suffering just so you can continue your own life without responsibility? WHO RAISED YOU?!!!

One of these guys was arguing with me that drugging a girl to abortion was the same as when prostitutes steal your wallet while you sleep and she runs off with your money. Wow. You people are dating and marrying monsters. What is most annoying is that for all the church or mosque that Nigerians go, the ease with which we are able to do evil without even flinching is legendary.

You see, this practice has gone on for this long because the guys are confident that no woman would openly come out to admit she had an abortion. The law that actually punishes a woman for having an abortion ensures this. By extension, which mouth will she then use to report him for injecting her or poisoning her drink to induce the said abortion? And even if she reports, who will believe her without proof. The proof would include finding the drug used, getting the pharmacist who sold it to testify as to what he was told before he sold the drug, and (God willing) a security camera footage showing the guy injecting the drug into the packet of fruit juice he eventually served her when she arrived. So yeah Gentlemen, remain smug why don’t you.

This our “anything goes as long as I can find my next meal and me and my family are okay” mentality will be the death of us. This is where we have reached as a society. And this laissez fair attitude is how young girls are being disfigured, injured and murdered without consequence. When I push it a bit further, I will hear “but she enjoyed the sex too so she should expect the consequence”. Yes, you fucktard she accepted the consequence of being pregnant and having a baby, not being poisoned nearly to death and destroying her body sometimes permanently.

And to all the pharmacists who deliberately sell these drugs to boys and teach them how to administer deadly doses beyond what was recommended by the manufacturer for the sole aim of terminating a pregnancy, NAFDAC and the Nigerian Medical Association etc will soon have your time and I will be here for it. Dear Nigerian Women, don’t pretend you don’t know you are marrying and dating monsters who in turn give monstrous advice to their monstrous offsprings to perpetuate this cycle. Most of you will hear about these things and put on your faux righteous superiority gown talking about “well serves her right for not closing her legs…all these girls of nowadays”. The rest of you encourage your sons to do this to young girls just to avoid a mandatory daughter in law you don’t want. Again the time is coming. Enough said.

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  1. logan4real2 says:

    This is deeply profound as it’s a sad reality of the society we live in. . .


  2. It’s so sad where we are today for a country which is arguably the most religious in the world. Truly, the mentality of “anything goes as long as I can find my next meal and me and my family are okay” is the root cause of all these evil doings.


  3. So many things to be fixed… The moral decadence in our society and the loopholes in our medical and judicial systems.


  4. STANLEY says:

    Very deep indeed and to cap it up we seems to have forgotten that God himself condemns abortion


  5. Alaya Olanrewaju says:

    Nice article “The Law”.
    Parents who support their child/ward to perpetrate this stupid act will meet their end soon. They actually committing two murders, killing a child and killing the mother. Yoruba’s will say ” ojo gbogbo ni ti ole,ojo kan ni ti olowun”


  6. Nosa says:

    People with dead conscience will find nothing wrong with this, let them keep perpetuating this wicked act, one day karma will knock


  7. leygroup says:

    Love this article that seeks to sensitize is about aborting a baby, with or without the lady’s consent. For every young man out there, once you start having sexual relations with a lady, do ensure you are capable of the anything that comes with it.


  8. Phil says:

    Wait, this is a thing? Aborting babies by injecting drugs to girls drinks without them knowing. I’m in shock. But yes, with all the villainous things happening in Nigeria people are doing the absolute worse without batting an eye.


  9. Alapomeji Adigun says:

    Awesome! Excellent.
    Thank you Roqzee.
    Adeyemi Yusuf Mustapha
    Twitter: @alapomeji2009 & @Adigun4all
    IG: @adeyemiyusufm


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