Of Nigeria and having connections


Do you know how important you have to be that when you get into trouble nobody wants to be the one to discipline you? When you have so many people so indebted to you or afraid that you can bring them down, that everybody keeps passing the buck and refusing to bell the cat?

Where the EFCC (that raids hotel rooms without a search warrant) suddenly say they are powerless to act because it is a police matter. Then the police service commission says oh they can’t act until they are formally informed about the issue (that is in the public domain) plus they also need the Attorney General to give them direction on how to proceed.

Then the Nigeria police on their own say the matter is being “internally reviewed” which every Nigerian has interpreted to mean no action will be taken and the matter will be swept under the carpet once the furor dies.

Now that’s true power. You’re not even the President but your existence is a matter of self preservation for powerful people. And they will do anything to keep you alive and free. You know that saying “hustle o make etc etc etc no see you finish”. It should be changed to “connect o make wahala no do you like bicycle”. Ce fini

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  1. Paulmorax1 says:

    Nigeria and connection be like 5 and 6…… You want job connect ooo, you want to sort police ishhh connect ooo, you want your passport done in possible time, connect ooo. Nigeria my country


  2. Odionyenfe Nduka says:

    Lmao. I wish them more success in their ‘connection’ , thank God they met their match this time & not some unarmed #Endsars youth. Corruption = Connection !


  3. This one na corrupt connection which will be unconnected soon.


  4. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    Nigerian connection is corruption in disguise, we are corruptly connected.


  5. Nosa says:

    Nigeria and her wack leaders and system.


  6. Dekunle says:

    To get bed in some hospitals na connection too…


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