Of ‘Saintifying’ Parents


So look I don’t know how to break this to you nicely, but your parents are normal full blooded human beings. And that means that they, like you, do everything that a normal human being is supposed to do. Including have sex. I know you just cringed a bit but I need you to put on your big boy or girl pants and accept that your mum really enjoyed the sex that brought you into this world. She probably moaned pretty loud and told your dad how fast and how deep to go. To complete the thought, this is a good a time as any to maybe mention that there is a possibility that your mum and dad also had sex with other people (either before they met or even afterwards deep into their marriage). Too much for you I know, and I am not sorry.

This our canonization to sainthood of parents needs to stop. We have extended it to ridiculous extremes. While it is mentally healthy for children to believe that their parents are the epitome of virtue and good moral standing in the way they have raised them, this is not always the case and the earlier you accept this the better. It was the same me that sat here over the weekend and got a call from a 32 year old friend of mine asking me for advice. He says his 60 year old widowed mother was in a relationship with a man her age and was considering marrying him and that he “put his foot down and forbade her from doing that”. When I asked on what authority, he says that he is his father’s replacement upon his death and has authority of the man of the house including over his mother.

As you can imagine, I told him that there was a chance that his beloved late father cheated on this his same mother while he was alive even if many many years ago at the beginning of their young marriage. He said it was not possible. LMAO, if only our parents friend’s could talk about everything they know. Ultimately I asked him if he thinks his mother still has sexual urges 5 years after his dad died and how he thinks she has been handling it the entire time. He wanted to change topic. I was having an extremely good laugh. It tickles me how children buy into this hype that somehow their parents became angelic deities as soon as they had kids. I can promise you that if science is right, your behavioral traits are taken from one of your parents and even you with a wife and two children are in seedy motels having sex with the stripper after her performance on stage. Why on earth would your father be any different when he was your age with you and your first sibling at home?

At some point in life, one expects that you will grow up and begin to see the self restraint that your parents have exercised during your childhood, because you are now an adult. They have done a great job if you never knew about their indiscretions but that is really all they owe you into adulthood. For many of them, they need a new lease of life after all the kids have grown up and left home and this is okay too. In advanced countries, many parents have been known to divorce and pursue the real life they always wanted as soon as the last child graduates from school because they do not need to keep up the pretense any longer for your mental stability. In our society, our parents at least hold that fake smile and united front till one of them dies, you have no right to imprison them any further after that. They gave birth to children, not a prison warden.

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  1. leygroup says:

    Roqzee please now🤣🤣
    Those people dey act like say dem dey observe social distancing with preeq..
    Pretense ti poju🤣🤣


  2. Nosa says:

    I don’t think my sons will find this funny, their mom having an affair with younger men their age, awesome piece 👏🏾


  3. Phil says:

    When Nigerian parents would always pose as moral compass and would do everything to maintain that front, it’s very easy to start thinking that, just maybe, they’re really all that they say they are. So don’t blame folks when they hold on to these thoughts or beliefs even till adulthood.


  4. Alaya Olanrewaju says:

    Our parents are no saint, prolly they were extreme in their sexual activities back then but they try to make us see they just haven’t done anything stupid while we’re growing up.
    I wonder how your friend will handle the situation on ground now, maybe he needs to realize the truth and let his mum just have the guy even tho it’s hard.
    This piece I like, I think I’ll be printing this for keeps. 🤝


  5. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    ” She probably moaned pretty loud and told your dad how fast and how deep to go”
    I’m a minor pls 🤣
    Nobody is a saint on this, hardly you will see a man/woman that can boast that he/she only has sex with only one person ever in his/ her life and that only one person he/she had sex with before marriage is the one he married. Very rare.


  6. I have my life to live, they have theirs no matter the circumstance.


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