Of Unintended Consequences

I have been off twitter for a while. Here’s a brief summary of what happened: At first I had been super busy this weekend so I didn’t post for a full day (I think) and the usual “where’s roqzee?” was popping up from a few ardent followers. Usually, I would either just post something or ignore it till I can respond.; A particular follower who I had interacted with in the DM, primarily from processing a past winning, also asked why I had been quiet and not as active as usual. My general response was that I had a life outside twitter and was surprised that most of you think I am a twitterholic. He replies that he does think I am a twitterholic and that he is certain I cannot resist giving a hot take on topics that are important to me when they pop up.

Now, all of this was done in good humour and his intention, like others, was simply to confirm that i was doing okay and would return soon. That’s a really good intention, isn’t it? The problem with good intentions is that it does not stave away bad consequences. In law we often say that you take your victim as you find them – also known as “The Eggshell Skull” principle; this largely means that even if your action usually would not lead to the extent of damage complained about, the fact that your victim already had underlying issues that exarcebates the consequences, you are still responsible for it.

In this case I had already been thinking about what the appeal for twitter was again. Most of my old followers have thankfully grown up and stopped needing as much support, ENDSARS had impacted the faith we had in the change effect of the platform, and Raufulai’s silencing has made the entire thing cumbersome. What was supposed to be love and light has become Biafra versus Yoruba Nation vs Boko Haram, day in and day out. Things are now so expensive that we can’t even run usual impactful give aways without delivery cost killing us and dissuading me. The reach is simply not enough to make spending all this time on that app worth it.

And so, what was intended as good natured assessment of my addiction to the app, became a challenge to prove to you all that contrary to popular belief, I actually force myself to make time for my friends on Twitter in spite of my crazy busy schedule, as against the perception that I was addicted and couldn’t resist it. And so I took up the dare and told him I would prove his theory wrong by staying off Twitter till Friday 24 September 2021. What however happened now is that the break has deepened my perspective that Twitter has run its course for me and has lost its initial meaning so I can scale back without guilt. In a way, it validated the fact that the world would continue without me on the platform and my sense of self importance was greatly exaggerated. Its like tasting peace and now liking it too much. A consequence unintended by the gentleman, but a welcome one still.

I guess the lesson is that one needs to be careful what they say to people, even in fun, as you have no idea what mental space they are in at that time, and what can tip them over the edge. For when that happens, your intentions are usually not enough.


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  1. Nosa says:

    Absolutely. The thing is people will never keep to their limits


  2. Odionyenfe Nduka says:

    Please don’t underestimate the impact you have on people’s lives on Twitter , your hot takes & charity have been really impactful , especially in the light of the prevailing misgovernance & economic doldrums.
    The journey is a marathon and not a sprint , we shall overcome.
    Thank you.


  3. hakeymco says:

    Buhari government is a hell of disaster, and alas we all have a life in the real world, your hot takes and generosity will be missed tho


  4. Smith says:

    Good morning Boss. I trust you are doing great. Here’s to apologize for having pushed you to the age. The time you sacrifice to be there for people on the TL means a lot, not just to others but to me as well. I can sincerely say that the intention wasn’t to dare you in any way. I am sorry for the bad consequences this may have caused and promise to be mindful of what I say henceforth.
    Here’s to also say, welcome back. We missed you ❤️


  5. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    I understand your line of thought.
    Your write up remind of Yoruba saying that goes thus
    Wọn rí ọ ni wọn npe ọ, tiwọn kọ bati ri ẹ wọn má p’ẹlomiran( They see you they call, if you are not there for a seconds they will call another.
    Ọlọhun koni fẹlomiran se wa. Aamin.


  6. Oladimeji oseni says:

    A Masterpiece of Word💯


  7. Adeyemi Wahab says:

    Beautiful review from you. Some set of people who thinks real life is social media should take a glance at this and change their ways. More knowledge Sir
    Cc @Iam_MrWahab86


  8. Chris Ugha says:

    Dear Sir Roqzee,
    It is a fact, a sad one perhaps, than almost all humans are expendable.
    Of course there will always be the few who will genuinely wonder why you have been away, and probably reach out to find out. But the thing with absence is that even as it makes the heart grow fonder in some cases, it also makes it grow weary in others.
    Best to just do your bit as your conscience permits and move on.
    Life will always take it’s toll on situations and circumstances will always influence decisions. The best you can do is to live life on your terms, whatever that may be. The world will always adjust.


  9. Phummie Pearl says:

    This is really so deep. Reasons why i always weigh my words before i ever let them out, cause I know the power words carry and what they can do to people when used carelessly. Having said that, you really do not owe it to anyone to prove you, be it on twitter or in the real world. You have your real life to live the way it pleases and makes you happy. I belive there are people who look upto up on that space, those you’ve impacted one way or another and those who just like to interact with you. In all these, just do you and be happy especially in the real world. Love and lights 🙏


  10. First impression is unfair because a first impression of somebody is guarded, and you don’t know the person….. Frank Oz.


  11. Femi Thanni says:

    I appreciate your line of thought which cannot be faulted. However those you have impacted their lives positively in so many ways through your philanthropy and your followers are always looking out to engage your tweets. Apparently you are a very busy man with so many line of bizness but we your ardent followers still need you on the Twitter app giving us your thought provoking tweets. May God strengthen you and continuously enlarge your coast.
    Cheers sir!


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