Of Promises

Saw the above tweet and just wanted to drop a quick thought about how I see it. I never make a promise, whether little or big. I never commit to give something in future especially since I have known from childhood that a million things are out of my control. Good intentions are not enough when you eventually fail to keep your word. People are better off continuing to look for solutions than to relax their efforts on the assurance that their problem has been solved even though at a future date. You will also be too embarrassed to tell them that you will no longer be able to fulfil your promise especially when it is now too close to the date, for fear of the massive disappointment you know they will feel. And so you will continue to struggle and hustle trying to raise the resources you need to fulfil your promise, to the very last minute.

Usually by this point you are dreading that phone call. Every minute that passes and they have not called will feel like a welcome eternity and you will be praying that they lost their phone and consequently your number. When they eventually call, you will be torn between picking the call and waiting for it to ring out at least to buy yourself another hour. If you have some courage, you will send a text instead of picking their call so you avoid hearing the sadness and heartbreak in their voice. If you do not have courage you will simply switch off your phone after their 10th call and hope that by the time you switch it back on 5 days later, you would either have been able to fulfil the promise, or they would have moved on with their lives.

All of this would have simply been avoided if you LEARN TO SAY NO and refuse to make any promises AT ALL, no matter what is at stake. Do what you can in the moment and keep it moving. They wanted 200 thousand but you only have 5 thousand right then, send the 5 and close it out. They want to borrow your car for their wedding on a certain day, say no first and then a day to the event you can call and ask if they still need it. That way, you always come off as a straightforward person with integrity and in the best case scenario, as a last minute hero.

So in summary, they say do not make a promise you cannot keep…I say do not make any promises AT ALL. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. Buffson says:

    Lesson learned


  2. Nosa says:

    Give what you can give at the moment rather than making empty promises


  3. Ekemini Godwin says:

    I always learn something new from you.
    You’re such a wise man!


  4. Vickyomolara says:

    “a last minute hero” yes I agree with every word. Though is not so easy to say the word NO,but its the best reply to give, because it will save us a whole lotta stress when you are in a fix of
    not being able to fulfill a promise.


  5. Starry says:

    Its not actually easy to say NO , but on the other hand it will save someone a whole lots of stress from failing to fulfill the promise. God only is the one that would make and fulfil promises. Your opinion connects well with me


  6. Damilola52 says:

    You are actually right, don’t promise what you can give


  7. Damilola52 says:



  8. If you don’t mean it, don’t say it…. Broken promises break hearts.


  9. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    Most time people make promise out of shyness for the person or they don’t want to appear as stingy person.
    It has happened to me before and it will never happen again.
    My partner sister just called me two years ago that her phone was lost and she wanted me to buy another phone for her, I told her my challenges too but she insisted that her mind said I should buy it for her. So I said ok next month , then, I did avoid her call or feigned bad network till she decided not to call me again. Since if you asked me for anything I will first tell you I don’t have later I can say if you can manage this after considering what I have with me.
    But people don’t like to hear No from you whenever they demand, they always want to hear word of hope, even if it is false hope.


  10. ndibedavid says:

    Hmmm. I’ve been disappointed myself 🤣 when someone promised actually twice to do something and didn’t. At first I was disappointed but when I looked back at the event I got to Understand that he made those promises expecting to do them but things beyond his control happened. Of a truth I was a little bit relaxed because of those promises. I eventually worked out a solution. It would have been better if there was no promise anywhere that way I would have thought out a solution faster. Right now, if someone promises me anything at the back of my mind I know you may fail. There are circumstances we can’t control


  11. Adeyemi Wahab says:

    Just don’t make empty promises. It doesn’t speak too well of you after that and people lose some respect for you. So I’m going with your own word. Don’t make the promise at all
    Thank you Sir Roqzee 🙏🏿


  12. Smith says:

    Saying “No” without feeling guilt, takes a very matured mind. Prolly the reason why most people make promises. As much as I would agree to the above piece, I would also beg to differ in some of the aspects of promises with regards to different life situations. So I personally think making promises in some ways isn’t bad but should be done moderately. Just like the above tweet. Don’t promise when you’re excited, don’t promise with sentiments, don’t promise what you can’t easily let go without feeling bad and sometimes learn to say “No”.


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