Of Adele and her 30 misfires

Yep, Oh My God is the apt exclamation and not in a good way. Adele’s new album is titled 30. It’s made up of the same usual ballads from a place of pain and heartache. These emotions are usually globally relatable because they are concepts felt by every human being.

She therefore usually doesn’t have to put in a lot of marketing to move the music because you can expect that anyone who is grieving will instantly connect.

You can therefore understand why the expectations were very high for this album. I mean, other albums came from when she merely had a break up with a boyfriend and it was so gut wrenching. This time she had a full divorce and a baby along the way so you can imagine why everyone thought we would literally not be able to peel ourselves off the floor with hurt.

The summary of this blog post is that the expectation was placed too high. The honest truth is that we should have suspected the same of the same with the amount of marketing she had put into this album including that over the top Oprah interview. It almost gave the impression that she couldn’t rely on the music itself to make the sales numbers she had in the last album.

And sad to say it did not live up to expectations. Other than the track that I have highlighted in the picture above none of the other tracks sound different or remarkable enough to be worth a five year wait.

Quite like the big releases this year (including the iPhone and Samsung phones), this Adele album has no innovation or distinction. If you have heard any of her last two albums then you have heard this album and may want to save yourself a quick buck and skip it for some fresh music like ABBA’s Voyage. Now that’s unpretentious nostalgic music you can vibe to. It’s a 2 out of 5 stars for me. ⭐️⭐️

As usual please disagree ferociously in the comment section below.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Not really a follower of her music and might not listen to this too.


  2. Nosa says:



  3. Phil says:

    Expectation was too high. I did listen with an open mind but very few songs stuck.


  4. Lilian Ogechi Uwaoma says:

    So it’s just same old Adele, let me go listen first.


  5. maxxymum says:

    Her music is not my kind


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