Of An Incident You Won’t Believe


This will be short and straight to the point. You know I don’t believe in supernatural balderdash in the way that Nollywood portrays it. I agree there are evil psychopaths in this world but their evil is very much man made.

So back then I moved into a new place and as usual, I did my best to avoid everyone who already lived in that estate. I restricted my interaction to the cursory hello and goodbye whenever I walk past them during my evening exercise.

There however was one particular guy who would go out of his way to engage me. He would tell me things that were not my business and give me heads up on historical happenings in the estate, including who to avoid. Usually that is the red flag for me to ensure I never reciprocate the energy and keep my personal info close to my chest. Anyway long story short, one day he met me on his way out and told me he was about to go buy an appliance similar to the one he saw in my house on the day I was moving in. Weirdly, as soon as I had purchased that appliance, I got my former one back and so I had kept it aside to dispose of at a later date.

I told him that my appliance was available for disposal although I had not considered selling it yet but if he needed it desperately, he should give me a reasonable price. To limit the back and forth I then told him the exact purchase price of the equipment and he agreed to buy it at that price. As soon as the words left my mouth, everything went wrong. My heart rate increased, my mouth went dry and my brain was spinning. I swear I heard an inner voice telling me not to sell that item to him and that I should not have agreed to sell it. So I told him that he should first go and see if he can get a good price elsewhere and that I needed to be sure I was ready to part with this appliance.

The entire day I was super uneasy. My mind kept asking me to text him and cancel the sale since I had given myself a way out. I refused, justifying it by saying tomorrow was 24 hours away. The entire day was wasted, cos every single time I closed my eyes I would see how revoking my sale offer would play out. The very next day he was at my front door asking if I had made up my mind to sell it and that he had already told his family and they were very excited and grateful for the convenience. I couldn’t understand the pressure and as you can imagine my mind was racing and telling me to pull the plug and get it over with. So not to seem like a bastard by letting his entire family down, I told him I would not be able to sell it at that price and then proceeded to give him a much higher price I was sure he won’t be able to buy it at because that was way beyond the market value.

He said I should send my account number and he will pay the higher on the spot as he desperately needed to move the appliance. I asked why and he gave some half thought reason about trying not to let his mother in law buy it for them instead. At that point I let go of the politeness and simply said I will not be selling it to him and would rather give it to my siblings. The change in his demeanour was instant and a bit excessive for an item that I did not steal from him. He just said “Are you sure?” and I wondered why he would ask me that but ended it there and moved on.

For 4 full days after that interaction in my kitchen, I did not see or hear from him. This is someone who would send me a whatsapp message if he was going to buy something cos I was new and he was acting helpful. Frankly I am very busy so I thought nothing of it and didn’t think the matter was still on. Plus I saw an old lady who I assumed was their visiting mother or mother in law and only noticed her cos I would feel her staring intently at me from their balcony as I walked past but when I look up to greet she would look away dramatically like in the movies. On the fourth day I woke up and ran through my phone as is routine. I saw a message that had dropped in my whatsapp by 3:45am while I was still sleeping. It read: “Please Sir, I am very sick it has not gotten better and I need your forgiveness. I think I have offended you and need you to forgive me”. I had to read it over and over and check who sent it to me cos we had no interaction beyond the cancelled sale.

I simply replied “I forgive you. Get well soon”. My entire being felt like I had done the right thing or dodged a bullet. Shortly after they moved out of the estate.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Oluwagbenga Adebayo says:

    God will continue to protect you,humans heart are of different types evil dey everywhere


  2. One of the reasons I stay in my lane too.


  3. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    The guy pointed a finger at you and the rest nine was his.
    And it is good to be good, it’s your good and kind heart that saved you from their evil.
    May God continue to protect us all.


  4. Oghenevwoke Owivri says:

    Creepy!!! I make it a point to listen to that little voice inside these days and like you did, take some time to review my interaction with people and decisions. Lovely write up as has become usual.


  5. SCOA says:

    Wow! The devil himself knows not the mind of a man…


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