Of Religious High Horses & Great Falls

I saw that story online. I copied it and posted on my feeds. I originally had no thoughts about it. A man had sex with another woman while traveling, is as unremarkable a story as watching paint dry on a freshly painted wall. Plus Sammie Okoposo is one of the good ones. He faces his calling, minds his business, apologizes quickly when he offended his mentor pastor back in the day. All signs of a normal guy not carried away by his talent. So no personal grief with him, I moved on.

Next thing I saw two replies: “He’s just human” and “its the work of the flesh”. Essentially Nigerian Christians using the age old justification of human standards of behaviour (that they spend all day every day reminding us they are above) when it suits them. Also known as the ‘it is not his fault’ excuse. This is someone that had sex like every other guy, came back and clearly carried on his gospel church activities like nothing happened. Using his voice to edify church members, lifting up holy hands and bringing down the spirit into their souls. He didn’t confess as soon as he returned from that US trip from contrition. If the lady did not fall pregnant we would be none the wiser.

I will never accept that stupid excuse of “he is only human” when Nigerian Christians eventually fall to human nature. Nigerian religious people are the most obnoxious I have ever met in all my travels. They will not go on their heavenly race in peace, they must be condescending about it & remind you at every turn that any single thing you are not doing in accordance with their tenets means you are less than. “You mean you do not pray when you wake up?”, “How dare you criticise a man of God it is because you don’t understand the things of the spirit” etc. In that way, they have set the bar extremely high for their morality and mostly remind us they are not of the flesh (i.e. beyond human triflings) and I’m always happy for them.

You can however imagine when that same ‘man of God’ falls yakata. You cannot eat your high morality cake and have your penny. There’s no way people will not remind Nigerian Christians that they are not as super human as they portray. There’s no secret ingredient in their blood. It is just self discipline, & humility whilst at it would help greatly.

I will rather be a flawed human being, showing that I ain’t shit. I can make mistakes, I probably do worse things than you and will never make you feel any kinda way by my public persona. That way, if and when I ever fall, my shame will be more from what I have done wrong than the hypocrisy of ever making you think I was above human nature in any way, shape or form. Enough said.

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  1. Paulmorax1 says:

    This is the definition of what is hidden to man is never hidden from God…… If it had not result to pregnancy, nobody will know.
    I am very much sure, he would have opted for abortion, maybe the lady declined and thats another heavy sin you wouldn’t expect from a man of God.


    1. Roqzee says:

      Yes the lady said it was not the first time they had sex and that she was going to keep the baby. That’s really why it came out.


  2. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    When they are condemning others they will not realize that those people are human beings and are prone to make mistake but when it’s their turn they will now see themselves as human beings and have blood in their vein.
    There are a lot of them doing this, it’s just that there secret is not open.


    1. Roqzee says:

      Gbammest 💯


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