Of DBYZ’s Second Off-Target

The trio now known as DBYZ was trimmed down from the quartet that launched the brand to the public consciousness. The missing member of the group will come as no surprise to anyone who followed the individual members on instagram, where he seemed more interested in his own talent than actually pushing the band. And frankly, going by the same ol’ sound and melodic direction of this album he will not be missed.

This album suffers from what is called the second album syndrome, which is where even the best artistes suffer a critical or commercial slump to their career following a strong first outing. Most artists are damned if they do and damned if they don’t in the sense that if they keep the sound the same, then the second album just feels like an extension of the first one which fans reject cos it brings nothing exciting after a long wait… but if they switch up their style too much then fans also reject it because it has departed from what they are used to.

The good thing with this album is the bad thing with the album, and that is the playful nature and cheesy lyrics, targeted specifically at young university level girls in Nigeria. Other than the fact that boy bands are usually marketed to teenage girls historically (as they more likely buy into the fantasy of a romantic relationship with the band members thereby driving purchase decisions), the oversold reference to university girls as the target audience is lost on me because I haven’t found research that indicates that this group actually pays for music. Also, the boys are dressed in a way that makes them seem like middle aged men so some of the lyrics feel kinda weird but I am not the target audience.

And yes some of the lyrics are expectedly cringey. Especially the very first track of the album that is supposed to give you a feel for what the entire project is going to bring. Nigerian lyrics are generally cringe but this one is like a hormonal 13 year old boy wrote some of the lines and he was trying too hard so they just didn’t blend or add up. I want to blame too many songwriters but since I have no proof that’s the reason, I’ll just leave it.

The strength of the album, same as the first album, lay in their harmonising melodies. Kinda like Destiny’s Child over the top ‘everybody’s voice must be heard’ type of drawn out harmonisation. Largely unnecessary most of the time and positioned throughout the album to show off vocal range. However this is the second album so we already know you guys can sing, plus we don’t even know each member enough to place their individual voices and appreciate who is what. Essentially, lost on us.

The beats were epic and the production quality was best in class, leaving each song relevant and not repetitive. The gospel track came out from nowhere and did nothing for the entire vibe the preceding songs had already built but I guess if you don’t put Jesus in everything, you sound ungrateful so yeah.

All in all this album seems to merely reinforce the group as not being a one hit wonder and forging ahead even without some original cast members. If that is the only reason it was put out then excellent move, otherwise we simply could have waited a little longer for them to grow up a little more and feature some heavy hitters including some rap energy in the mix. Speaking of mix, I hope they release a remix of the entire album with guest features and more grit.

It gets 3 out of 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Listen to it and let me know what y’all think.


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  1. I’ll give it a listen and be back with a review. But, I guess I have an idea of what it’ll sound like reading this article.


  2. Ogunlade Taofeek Alaba says:

    This just remind me of Sty Plus group, there first album hit the street with the track Olufunmilola but they cannot keep the pace on their subsequent album. So, they went into extinction quickly.


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