Of Loving Or Leaving Me

I’m a very difficult person to love. And the reason is simple: I do not settle. I never ‘just settle’ for anything in my life. This means that what I think something should be or feel like is what it must feel like for me to accept it. If I think that friendship involves daily…

Of ‘Saintifying’ Parents

“I need you to accept that your mum really enjoyed the sex that brought you into this world. She probably moaned pretty loud and told your dad how fast and how deep to go. Too much for you I know, and I am not sorry.”

Of Spiking Her Drink To Abort The Baby

I have a penchant of teasing people with impending pregnancy. Usually once a man indicates he is having relations my next response would be to wish him happy fatherhood in 9 months time. It’s usually harmless and expected to imply that they cannot complain about the consequence. Increasingly in the last two years I have…

Of Nigeria and having connections

Do you know how important you have to be that when you get into trouble nobody wants to be the one to discipline you? When you have so many people so indebted to you or afraid that you can bring them down, that everybody keeps passing the buck and refusing to bell the cat? Where…

Of Getting What You Saw

Just the other day I had cause to tweet to vendors about some of the underhanded tactics they use in trapping and defrauding customers all in the name of smart marketing. It was surprising that many of my followers didn’t even know that there was such a deliberate strategy even when it had been used…

Of My Chest and A Few Things

Yeah so this is a rant post about nothing in particular. You know why I do not write as often as I would like? The things that would trigger a blog post are things that happen in real time and remind me of my point of view on those things. Blogging is my expressive outlet…

Of Friends: Real and Imagined

New Blog Post: “Of Friends, Real or Imagined >>> “Friends, friends, friends. We have used the word so much it has lost meaning. Infact, men are even known to use the word friend when they are fighting the guy who hit their car in traffic e.g: My friend do you know who I am?”

Of Olamide’s Faux Deep

UY SCUTI is originally the name of a red supergiant star in the constellation Scutum and is considered one of the biggest stars by radius. Thank you Wikipedia

Of bans and blames

As a result many editors paid dearly with their lives and loss of freedom. It was also the time when brave young lawyers like Gani Fawehinmi and Femi Falana became prominent for not bowing their heads.