Of bans and blames

As a result many editors paid dearly with their lives and loss of freedom. It was also the time when brave young lawyers like Gani Fawehinmi and Femi Falana became prominent for not bowing their heads.

Of My Shameless Waje Crush

No theatrics, no tribal pandering, nothing other than quality music. She is also not giving herself silly titles even though no other artiste is more deserving.

Of The Crypto Craze

“One month later the game goes on PS5 and now there are 100 players and they all need the 10 MarioCoins that 5 of us already hold. One of them offers me $5 to sell my coin, that I bought initially for $1. I said no and the other original 5 players say no too. Now the new players get desperate and keep offering higher prices till one day someone offers $1,000! I then sell to him and he holds it till people are offering 2K and so on and so forth.”

Of Sequels to Finality

Usually death is the absolute finality of life. Without going into the afterlife conversation, it is where we end this journey as we know it. How can there possibly be a sequel to it? And since there was a documented sequel to it, what else in your life is really not final even though it looks like it is.

Of the stick in your eye

As such your concern should not exceed that of a movie viewer entertained by the show with popcorn in hand but no more.

Of the ‘Never Haves’ mindset

“do not believe for one second that the day you need help, one of the people who go round seeking help from everyone else, will suddenly become your messiah”

Of Ric Hassani’s claim to music royalty

In all honesty, with the right levels of marketing, he has a more authentic claim to African music royalty than Yemi Alade who calls herself Mama Africa without the gravitas to back it up with all the start power, fame and marketing her label puts behind her music.

Of You & Your Smelly Self

Hair traps sweat and by extension retains the musky odour that stays fermenting under your already dirty underwear. That’s why as soon as you open the trapdoor the smell hits the nostrils.