Of the ‘Never Haves’ mindset

“do not believe for one second that the day you need help, one of the people who go round seeking help from everyone else, will suddenly become your messiah”

Of Ric Hassani’s claim to music royalty

In all honesty, with the right levels of marketing, he has a more authentic claim to African music royalty than Yemi Alade who calls herself Mama Africa without the gravitas to back it up with all the start power, fame and marketing her label puts behind her music.

Of You & Your Smelly Self

Hair traps sweat and by extension retains the musky odour that stays fermenting under your already dirty underwear. That’s why as soon as you open the trapdoor the smell hits the nostrils.

Of things that never happened (Part 3)

New Blog Post🚨’Of Things That Never Happened (Part 3)’ >>> “it didn’t register to me at first, but there was my uncle’s bare buttocks rising and falling from between my cousin’s knees. I froze”

Of eating yourself to death

“All these are called secret eaters. They make a show in public of detesting food but make up for it in private. They have cookies in their office desk and never run out of ice cream in their freezers.”

Of TwitterNG and Sex Obsession

TwitterNG is at it again. The average twitter user is above 18 years of age. TwitterNG in particular tops the list of countries that visit porn sites the most in the entire world. Forgive me therefore when I find the sheer obsession with shaming others for normal sexual activity a tad hypocritical and disgusting. We…

Of the New COVID-19 Law

PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI SIGNS CORONAVIRUS DISEASE (COVID-19) HEALTH PROTECTION REGULATIONS 2021 SIGNED ON 26TH JANUARY, 2021 In the exercise of the powers conferred upon me by Section 4 of the Quarantine Act, Cap. Q2 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2010 and all other powers enabling me in that behalf; and in consideration of the…

Of convenience not love

For those who couldn’t access the podcast. Just play the video above and let me know if you vehemently disagree in the comment section below. Happy New Year. Make better choices.

Of Experimenting

So I’m trying to figure out how many organic readers I have on the blog who are also linked to my Twitter account. To do this I won’t advertise this blog post on Twitter just to know who reads my blog on their own. If you read this, just go back to my tweet where…

Of Flavour’s idea of Africa

The album itself swings between gospel songs like “Product of Grace” straight from deliciously sinful tracks like “Looking Yansh” without apology much in the same way that Nigerians go from fornicating to the altar to lead praise and worship.