Of Sean Dampte and His London Owambe


I stumbled on a new artiste called Sean Dampte just in time for this rainy Friday in Lagos. His first album is called “Lagos Friday London Monday”, a very apt description of the feels in the entire album. With copious references to Yoruba Boys in London and the migration of the Lagos Owambe vibe all the way to Manchester etc, it is an unmissable mix of eclectic musical stylings of both cities. You get a sense by the 4th track, that it is a song you might hear in a club in Lagos or a Nigerian hang in the UK.

The composition and production is top notch and as I played this on a BOSE Soundlink speaker, every base beat and string seemed deliberate, conveying Yoruba drums with smooth western strings especially in tracks like “GYALS”, which should have been the introductory track in my opinion. GYALS is the track that most accurately summarizes this artistes musical personality expressed throughout the album. The artiste’s voice will however have you consistently going back to look at his “Rick Ross” face on the album cover because they do not match at all. The heavy use of autotunes in the more melodic parts of the album makes it difficult for one to fully assess the vocal range of the artiste but he comes across as experienced in this music game as no note fell flat and he didn’t seem to struggle through any of the vocals.

My gripe with this album is that it leans too heavily into the Yoruba genre of English-language music and considering the title of the album, one would expect a more international outlook, kind of reminiscent of Olamide’s albums. The Yoruba references should be just a reminder of the roots of the Artiste and not forced into the song at every unnecessary turn. We get it, you are a Yoruba boy, can we enjoy one song without a copious reminder? The lyrics are pretty standard Nigerian artiste lyrics about groove, money, wine and women. Nothing emotionally deep or thought provoking or critical of the government. A general feel-good album and thats fine.

Overall a good album. The glow up vibe of the album carried through and although 5 out of the 8 songs sounded the same structurally (Lagos Mainland Lounge-ish), I actually could play the entire album twice while only skipping one track. I give it a 3 star ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ but you need good speakers – preferably a Mercedes Benz and sunshades – to really feel it. Let me know what you think.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. I’ve see the buzz around the artist and his craft recently on Twitter. I guess I’d check it out but, without the Benz though.


  2. dEKUNLE says:

    A lovely review. Though have not heard the song yet, but will do and also give a sampled opinion about it. Kudos


  3. maxxymum says:

    Nice song,love the beat and lyrics on point.


  4. Rita Akunna Okaeme says:

    Nice review, i haven’t heard this song, I’ll look for it and listen to it.


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